Covid hygiene control and signage

Covid hygiene control and signage

Covid safety screens

Covid desk and sneeze screens are a great and effective way to safeguard your staff and your customers. Providing a physical clear barrier between them both.

Covid sanitisation stations

We offer several sanitising units that can be desk or wall mounted in convenient locations within the workplace. This unit can be used on desks, in reception areas, meeting rooms or facility entrances to encourage customers and employees to regularly sanitise their hands and stay safe.

Covid posters, stickers and signage

We are able to design and produce completely bespoke posters and stickers at any size to help spread awareness of what we can to do help stop the spread of Covid-19. Please get in touch for designs to match your brand guidelines and spread any information you feel is necessary to your staff/customers.

Bespoke illustrations we created for Covid safety posters, we can tailor your brand to your safety messages for longer term installations

Types of

Covid hygiene control and signage

  • Desk screens
  • Sneeze screens
  • Covid social distancing signage
  • Covid floor stickers
  • Covid safety posters
  • Covid information A frame boards
  • Covid sanitising stations
  • Covid cafe barriers