Flat cut signage lettering is ideal for

  • A versatile + cost effective solution to signage
  • Outdoor signage
  • Indoor signage
  • Retail + hospitality signage
  • Corporate signage
  • A durable signage solution

Flat cut signage

Flat cut signage is a great option if you are looking for a high quality and affordable standout for your brand or business. Suitable for a wide range of applications both indoors and out, flat cut signage is an affordable way to showcase your business.

Team Rees Flat Cut Aluminium signage by Sauce
Flat cut lettering gives an affordable and premium look, raised from the surface it is fitted to
Goodsheds signage Barry spotlit on a shipping container
The Goodsheds, cut from flat cut steel at 8m x 1.68m + spot-lit from below

The right material for the right look

With a variety of installation techniques and material finishes, flat cut gives a premium feel and standout signage with its raised appearance and quality finish.

Flat cut lettering affords a premium finish, for both interior + exterior signage solutions

Types of

Flat cut signage

  • Flat cut acrylic signage
  • Flat cut foam pvc signage
  • Flat cut ACM signage
  • Flat cut aluminium signage
  • Flat cut stainless steel signage
  • Flat cut copper + brass signage
  • Flat cut wooden signage

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