Illuminated signage is ideal for

  • Neon Signs - Creating high visibility and brand impact
  • High street standout at night
  • Restaurants, bars and hospitality
  • Boardrooms + corporate spaces
  • Wayfinding in low visibility spaces

Illuminated signage

For the ultimate standout, illuminated and neon signage is where it's at! With a range of techniques to make your brand really shine, we can design and install illuminated lighting from LED-lit lettering, backlit halo effects, light boxes and trough-lit solutions.

Goodsheds signage Barry spotlit on a shipping container
Annie & Lolo branded lightbox for retail at the Goodsheds Barry manufactured and fitted by Sauce
Circular lightbox sign, made by Sauce at Magic Wrap Cardiff
Custom neon signs really create an unmissable statement

Illuminated signage can really make your brand shine, with premium built up letter signage with LEDS, to neon and faux neon signs that really add mood and atmosphere to a space. Illuminated signs can also serve wayfinding solutions well, lighting up information and directions in low lit areas. Whatever your needs, lighting up your brand or your space, there are several options that our illuminated and neon sign makers can help you with.

Kymin, crafted from built up aluminium letters with a halo lighting effect achieved with LEDs fitted to the rear of the letters
Halo lit Team Rees branded signage, by Sauce signage & displays
Halo lit Team Rees branded signage, by Sauce signage & displays
Halo lit Team Rees branded signage, by Sauce signage & displays

Types of

Illuminated signage

  • Built up LED lit signage
  • Halo illumination
  • Light boxes
  • Backlit + Fret cut illumination
  • Fluorescent neon signs
  • Faux neon signs
  • Cabochon (Carnival Style) bulb signs
  • Trough + spot light signs

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