Hanging + projecting signs are great for

  • Standing out on busy high streets
  • Supplementing a main sign for maximum standout
  • Highlighting key areas in busy environments
  • Exterior applications
  • Interior applications

Hanging + projecting signs

Projecting signs are a classic busy high street staple. Showcasing your offering amongst the crowd on bustling streets, they really make your business standout. Traditionally associated with the high street, projecting signs are also no stranger to interior application, great for wayfinding, or highlighting key areas such as restrooms or departments in larger spaces, they are a great fit for a wide range of applications. From traditional hanging signs, to more robust illuminated lightbox varieties, we work with you to find the right fit.

A combination of signage. Supplementing a main sign with a projecting sign for maximum standout
Projecting signs are great for both exterior + interior application
Exterior projecting sign at Ten Degrees Caerphilly

Extended signs for brand extension

A well designed and considered brand will usually consist of more than just the logo. Consisting of various elements such as maker’s marks, iconography, strap lines and mascots. Adding a projecting sign alongside your principal sign, highlighting a brand element such as a mark or mascot creates a bold and recognisable identity.

Types of

Hanging + projecting signs

  • Illuminated projecting signs
  • Lightbox projecting + hanging signs
  • Hanging signs
  • Printed hanging + projecting signs
  • Traditionally signwritten hanging + projecting signs
  • Fret cut internally illuminated projecting + hanging signs

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