Buchstaben Museum

Adam Payne, Senior Graphic Designer

By Adam Payne

Adam is our Senior Graphic Designer at Sauce, with a passion and skill for all things design. Adam is also a formidable illustrator, extremely skilled with ink and has a love for all things japanese! A music aficionado, it can be said that the studio enjoys the best sounds when Adam is in charge of the playlist!

On a recent visit to Berlin, our Graphic Designer, Adam, make a visit to the Buchstaben Museum, or Museum of Letters.
The basis for the huge collection of the Museum of Letters was the private collection of Barbara Dechant, a designer from Vienna. She and her like-minded colleagues were able to save hundreds of letters from being scrapped, disappearing,
and being used as decorative objects and restore them in the Letter Museum.

The museum currently contains over 2,000 objects

They have live neon workshops with hands on tutorials.

The museum is a must for sign makers, designers and creatives.