The 21st Century Digital Revolution

Erica Willmott, Marketing Manager

By Erica Willmott

Erica is Marketing Manager at Sauce. Erica is experienced at marketing and interior design and all things creative. Erica recently graduated with a masters degree in art history and is passionate about architecture, art history and the conservation and preservation of historic buildings. Find her in a museum or writing a blog!

We are in the midst of the Third Industrial Revolution; a Digital Revolution, where consumers are more technology-oriented and sophisticated than ever, influenced by digital content that affects where we choose to shop and what to buy.

This is why digital signage is increasing in demand, as a business can easily and quickly promote products and services directly to its customers, cost effectively to the business. According to Independent Retailer, digital signage can increase overall sales volume by nearly 32%.

Are you considering digital signage for your business? Let us at Sauce tell you why you should invest now:

Eye Catching Displays

Sauce can provide digital signage that is fully customisable, enabling your business to influence consumer behaviour. Eye catching displays are a virtual guarantee that your message will be seen by your target audience, helping you to drive sales.

 Dynamic, Contextual Content Updates

Digital signage is easy to control and can be adapted quickly. You can store your own graphics and update the signage as often as you want. Creating flash sales or promotions whenever needed.


Digital signage provides you with an additional revenue stream. You can sell advertising space to companies or brands that will complement your stores operations.

In addition, information via digital messaging reduces the cost of traditional campaigns, saving you money on printing and distribution.

Boosts Impulse Purchase Sales

Digital signage conveys important messages, promotions or advertising directly to your customer during a crucial moment—when they are contemplating making a purchase and impulse buy. Helping to boost your sales.

Increases In-Store Digital/Social Media Presence

You are probably already using social media to increase brand awareness, driving repeat business and helping to generate new customers. By providing additional information directly to your customer via digital signage, your store can recruit new people for their loyalty programs and even display digital endorsements from Trip Advisor, Facebook and Twitter etc.

As technology seeps into every aspect of our lives, it seems like a natural progression to incorporate the benefits of digital signage into your business enabling you to enhance a customers experience—and store revenues. Digital signage is an effective marketing tool that’s worth purchasing.

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