New Year—New Us

Erica Willmott, Marketing Manager

By Erica Willmott

Erica is Marketing Manager at Sauce. Erica is experienced at marketing and interior design and all things creative. Erica recently graduated with a masters degree in art history and is passionate about architecture, art history and the conservation and preservation of historic buildings. Find her in a museum or writing a blog!

New year!

Happy New Year to you all. May 2022 be a successful year for everyone!

New us!

When we think of Sauce we probably think of Heinz Tomato Ketchup, one of the most iconic brands around the world. However, in 2020, 150 years after conception, even Heinz needed a rebrand, tweaking their logo and visual identity.

Like Heinz, we at Sauce have modernised our brand, extended our offering and created a new website. Afterall, Sauce adds a visual appeal to a dish, so let us show you how we can do the same for your company.

We specialise in

Sauce is an essential element of cuisines all over the world, so let the team at Sauce be your essential element in bringing your brief to life and make sure you stand out from the crowd. Whatever your needs, Sauce has you covered—Literally!

Ready to take on 2022, we rebuilt our website from the ground up. Our offering has grown from award winning signage into a full service solution; from the conception of branding, right through to marketing materials, and top class signage and display solutions. We have also grown our team, our base, and our manufacturing operation to offer you a full service design solution. Our new website reflects this, with a keen eye on user experience, so that the process is smoother, getting to the content that matters to you.

New you?!

Has your business had to evolve over the last few years to remain competitive or even survive these last few years? A good brand communicates to your customers and your prospects what your company does and how it does it. If you are looking to rebrand your business so it reflects what you offer, modernise your interior or replace any signage, then get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

Making a New Year’s Resolution is an annual tradition where we set goals to try and improve our life, such as change bad behaviours or accomplish a personal achievement. This tradition has religious origins, where people would make promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would pay back any debts and return objects they had borrowed. Did you know that almost 88% of people fail their resolutions?!

New years resolution journal on a desk

These are our New Year’s Resolutions, let us know yours!


  • Gary – Drink less tea and more water.
  • Matt – Read a Book
  • Lex – Attempt to turn back the years & get back in shape (long overdue)
  • Dave – Learn a new language
  • Erica – Have a vegetarian meal at least once a week
  • Berill – Read more books
  • Callum – Try and remember the little things more consistently
  • Adam – Watch a new film every day
  • Lois – Spend money more wisely
  • Cam – Go to the gym more
  • Neil – Not to go out so much